Beyond the Clouds

There’s a big blue sky waiting just beyond the clouds…

Apparently I’m stuck on the color blue, and the little sphere shapes lately. Believe it or not this was a bird sitting on the edge of one of our potted plants earlier today. There was a patio chair in the way- and he was moving fast- so the original was not very good. But his mouth was open and he had a little seed in it so I had to do something with him (or her).

They finally discovered the bird feeder that I hung out there- but it’s a little too close to the house (my attempt to place it within camera range), so they knock it around and then pick up the seeds from the ground- rather than sit on the feeder.

After I found those lyrics about the blue sky beyond the clouds I thought it would be cool to add cloud effects to this image, so I just might do that later tonight, after my meeting.

And speaking of the meeting, I think I’ll share tonight about my discovery of my fear of succeeding. The room is full of old timers, and they are very wise.

Blessings!! ♥♥♥