Life in a Bubble

Well, this bubble has two parrots inside. One was looking down at me and the other has his face in that big pod or whatever it is. I hope that they are recognizable! This was at a park in a neighboring town, and I was in the Japanese garden when I saw them. That being said- you may see some turtles soon.

To be honest, I’m stuck on this sphere effect because the very first one I did was totally accidental. That’s usually how I learn- randomly clicking things until something interesting happens. I’m not good with instructions. Don’t like them one bit. There may even be an easier way to do it, who knows?!

Anyway, my meeting was great tonight! I’ll talk more about that tomorrow, but one thing that’s cool is that after the meeting a friend mentioned that he goes to a Bible study on Wednesday nights and the series they are on right now is called Dreams to Reality.

I’ll be checking that out.

Have a wonderful evening, morning or afternoon!!

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