Who Dropped the Ball?

Well, I think I’m finally getting the spheres out of my system!

I went with an idea today and when I was finished I wanted to call it The Sky is Falling, but that made me realize that the balls should contain little bits of sky and clouds- not flowers! But… it’s too time consuming to just start over right now.

Anyway, I kind of like it for the sake of the colors- and I’ve been wanting to do something with the helicopter that I photographed awhile back- so I think I’m going to call it a day on this one.

And to think it started out with a photograph this morning, of a slightly water soaked and wilted petunia- with water droplets on it. Who knew?!?!

Happy Friday everyone!

♥♥♥Peace and Love♥♥♥

9 thoughts on “Who Dropped the Ball?

  1. Sometimes wonderful things are what happens we we start in the morning direction and just see where God directs our steps….sometimes whimsical leading to the most unexpected and creative visions and photographs ! Thank you for sharing your creative gifts! I love unplanned days with my camera! I see you do as well!

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