A Divine Idea

For Rebecca… who thought Hope appeared to be drowning in my image Where Hope Floats, I thought I’d give it another try. HeHe. There is actually a lake under the clouds… so she’s definitely not on solid ground… but she has a layer of protection now. 😉

I’ve come up with a new idea for my image self-challenge. I’ve done mood images, and have attempted to do things I’m grateful for… but now I’m going to do something that I think will help me gain a better perspective on everything.

My next image series is going to be: Finding the Divine in the Mundane.

I’m excited! I’m fortunate that- with God and the steps of the program- I am able to call myself out on my stinking thinking fairly quickly these days. I’ve been hoping for, and seeking out spectacular images, and experiencing frustration and disappointment throughout that process. I’ve been looking at everything through a faulty lens!

EVERYTHING is spectacular when you see the divine in it. It’s all about perspective!

Blessings, Peace and Love Everyone!