A Tale of Redemption


A few things happened today that really moved me, but I’m only going to talk about one for now. Tonight was the meeting that I co-secretary for, and it turned out to be a pretty emotional meeting.

There’s something that I’ve been wanting to talk about, but I was never sure if the time was right, or if bringing it up was even the right thing to do. Tonight I got the answer (and permission).

I’ve mentioned before that I have three grandsons. A photo of my oldest grandson (who is eight) is here in the blog, buried back in an old post. I have far fewer photos of him than I do of the other two, because I don’t see him that often. He lives with his mother and grandparents, and his father (my son) is now married and has the two younger boys.

His mother is a recovering heroin/meth addict.

I was in my four years sober without a program phase when I met her over eight years ago, and she had just gotten clean at the time. I liked her instantly, and saw a lot of myself in her. Then… she relapsed, and nothing but chaos followed.

As God would have it, she and I ended up at the same church, same Monday night recovery class, and Thursday/Saturday night meetings. Actually, we were both baptized on the same day too! August 14th, 2016.

Anyway, it’s been a LONG journey for her. She has exactly 3 months more time than me, so when I received my nine month chip- she took her one year cake. Tonight I asked her to lead the meeting, and she shared her story for the very first time.

Fifteen years of addiction. From age twenty to age thirty five the longest she was ever able to stay clean was six months. She has moved around- between her parents home, rehab, sober living homes, and the streets.

She has overdosed multiple times, been hospitalized, and finally…

…in December 2015 she gave it to God. She let Him know that He could either help her overcome her disease of addiction, or she was jumping off the freeway bridge.

She never took that leap.

THAT is a tale of redemption.

God bless her.

The photo is the first in my series Finding the Divine in the Mundane. The bird and design is actually painted on the back of a trash bin—at a nearby park.

After hearing her heartbreaking story, I thought it went along well.

God does not make junk.

I’m so proud of you T! I love you!

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13 thoughts on “A Tale of Redemption

  1. I love your post and your piece. Hummingbirds are one of my favorite birds, and when they visit me in my garden, I feel hopeful and have faith that everything is o.k. I wish my trash bins were so beautiful.

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  2. Truly harrowing sometimes, what it takes for us to really surrender, then we recognize that redemption is there for us. Your images are inspiring. I love photography but have not endeavored into editing

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  3. Mama, I love this…. Thanks for sharing my story.. God is amazing, it’s no accident we ended up at the same church same meetings and got baptized on the same day. And our soberity dates 3 months to the day… I love you. Gods giving us a chance to share our story to help other woman..

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  4. God bless you and your mother. There is all kind of brokenness out there. I collect beach glass…broken bits that were once mad made objects formed of natural sand. At some point these item were tossed out and ended up in Lake Michigan. They travel along the floor of the lake for years, polished by storms and undulation to be found later as treasures upon our beaches. You and your mom are like these treasures.

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