Field of Dreams

Talk about memories. I played MANY a softball game at this field. I guess this is the second in my series: Finding the Divine in the Mundane. I’ve done some major editing, overlaying, etc., just to satisfy my own craving for colors and effects. But this was taken yesterday, at the park with the trash bin. 😉 

I guess an important thing I took away from this visit to my old stomping grounds, was a lesson in selective thoughts and memories. Sometimes it seems that when we go through the worst of times, behave wrongly, or say something that we shouldn’t have said- that particular moment in time seems to be what WE remember most, or are remembered FOR- by others.

Nobody is perfect. I’ve been through hard times, behaved badly, AND have said things that I later wanted to take back. I’ve even written posts on my blog that I sometimes wish I hadn’t posted! Not that the errors were intentional, it’s just that I realized later that perhaps my own ego, pride, or tendency to be on the defense was trying to take over- and the message conveyed wasn’t in everyone else’s best interest. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, the point is… that with all the bad- there’s also always GOOD.

Looking back at the years I spent playing softball is a great memory. I’d forgotten about those years, as they were swallowed up by the memories of what took place later. So… sometimes I think it’s not so bad to peek at your past.

If we’re so prone to dwell on the former things- mainly the bad– why not look back, ignore the negatives and mistakes for a moment… and think about all of the good that we’ve somehow forgotten?!

I don’t know. Maybe rambling- but that’s where I found the divine in the mundane yesterday. In the beauty of my past.

I’m looking forward to today. It’s drizzling… but I’m determined to get out for a little while and see what’s waiting for me out there.

♥♥♥ Peace and Love! ♥♥♥