Hiding Behind Wings

I absolutely LOVE this birds wing. I remember taking the photo, but it must have blended in with the many other photos I took that day and I never really sat down to view it.

Anyway, the sky was dull, so I’ve used paint colors and the smudge tool (which would explain all of the sky smudges!). A painter I am NOT, but I found that it’s a GREAT tool for relaxation! So… you might see more smudgy images popping up.

I’d say the wings are quite heavenly… so this is my divine image for today.



    1. Yes, I’m using photoshop and I do use an app called PicsArt that adds the look of a painting, etc., but Photoshop is what I’m spending time on lately, learning to crop and merge better.


    1. Thanks! I use several. Photoshop, and an app called PicsArt is the one that gives the effect of it being a painting. But now that I am learning to use Photoshop to paint… This is going to be interesting. 😮 I cant paint well but I am going to see if I can learn!


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