Little Victories

I thought of something last night. I was thinking about that imaginary finish line, and started visualizing it in my mind.

One of my sons makes me think of it a lot, because he is always racing towards it. He inherited my “I just need…” mentality, and there is always one more thing that is needed, waiting for him on the horizon.

What I realized is that this finish line never sits still. With each step taken, to move towards it, it moves further away. I believe that just being able to grasp that concept is a victory in itself! For me, it brings to mind the word surrender.

Anyway, it’s obvious that this finish line IS imaginary, so I’ve decided that I’m going to manipulate it, and outwit that sneaky little thing. I’m going grab hold of it, and step over it… each and every time that I encounter something that I would call a victory.

I’m going to allow myself to have, and celebrate, MANY victories. Small victories. Attainable victories. Victories that are REAL. And I actually accomplished one last night.

Remember my little question: “What do I have to offer?”  Well, last night I looked that rascal right in the eye- and I was able to answer it!

I have experience.

The humorous side of me views it as being the poster child for the phrase: “What NOT to do” or “Don’t follow me… I run into walls” – and I DO laugh at that. Humor has seen me through MANY dark days. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t had the gift of humor.

But, on a serious note… I DO have experience. I was THERE (pointing behind my back), and now I am HERE (hands in the air, looking to the sky)!!

So, today I’m going to celebrate. I’ve crossed quite a few finish lines lately, and it’s a good day to recuperate, refresh, and rejoice.

Have a blessed morning, afternoon or evening!!

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