Trudging Along

Yesterday I took a walk along the Los Angeles river again, and there wasn’t much out there. I got in some good exercise though, and it was really warm out!

Anyway, I took a photo of the path I walk, and today added some mountains and sky that I shot from my living room window, when I lived in Colorado. Otherwise, there was just a freeway to look at. I guess you could say that I imagined there was much more out there than an ugly old road. That’s where I found the divine yesterday- in my imagination.

Peace and love!!

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    • Oh thank you so much!!! Looking at some of your work truly inspired me to keep going with some ideas I have. Not necessarily the recovery photos… but any photo that takes us to new places ‘visually’. I’m keeping my eye on you. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing yourself out here. You are touching hearts and making a difference even now. Shining through it all.. πŸ™‚ Be well today. Breath in the feeling of relief that is coming. I feel it for you!!

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      • How can you be so wonderful ❀ I'm blown away by the kindness of everyone I'm connecting with here. I never anticipated it. I just wanted to get my thoughts out – somewhere – where I could turn back to them one day and see where I came from. And here I am, being inspired by so many people with the hugest hearts who know what it's all about. I'm humbled and feeling very blessed and lucky. THANK YOU. This is the stuff that will help me through πŸ™‚

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  1. I used to fo a lot of photography….all pics on my blog are mine. Feel free to borrow one that you might like creatively experiment with! I was just learning Photoshop when circumstances changed and my camera for the most part, got put away. So nice to see and appreciate your creativity. Sometimes, the finished project looks like it was easy… The amazing thing and what was fun for me was that you could spend hours on the tiniest of detail! Thank you for sharing your crating e gift. I’m a fan!

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    • OK. Thanks and I will definitely check them out- your photos. And yes… I absolutely LOVE spending time even trying to figure out how to make a photo different. I’m learning patience too… something I really needed!


    • And what’s funny is that I wanted so bad to keep tweaking and make the text THE ROAD straighter- but I figured I didn’t want to spend all day on that detail lol. Patience vs. Perfectionism…. I’m trying to find a balance in there somewhere. πŸ™‚


    • I’m still deciding what you meant. Am I present or am I living in La La Land? My imagination is running wild these days with ideas for images. Bringing imagination to life through images. Hey, I like that!! Just thought of that. πŸ˜‰

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      • It just brought up an encounter where there was no in person contact- I imagined this person through my prism to be more like me than she actually was it was quite exhilarating and joyous initially, I came to find out that she was not at all who she claimed to be and hence the pain-I am formulating a second chapter to my sunshine post-btw I grew up across the Orange curtain Newport/Irvine and was Born in Denver and my Granny lived in Aspen

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      • Oh I can so relate!! My life has multiple chapters of ‘romantic affairs’ that were much better in my imagination than in reality! I get it. Wow, geographically we have a lot in common. And that IS ‘real’. πŸ˜‰


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