The Watcher

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m still at it, but chose something much simpler this afternoon.

The wooden head is actually part of a statue from that train museum. I believe it is Casey Jones, the railroad engineer- not to be confused with Teenage mutant ninja turtles. 😉

This was a fun little project because I finally learned more about getting rid of edges after removing backgrounds, and the sky was brought in from somewhere else, as well, so I’m getting better at blending.

I actually like the way the tree and sky came out, so I did save a copy that didn’t contain the wooden head, for future use. I just thought it was fun, and was a good way to carry on with the tree people theme.

Of course, my mom walked by my computer and kind of freaked out when she saw it. “Why is there a head hanging from that tree?!??” So, to be clear- it is not hanging, he is looking down on the camera lens. I guess we see things differently. 🙂

And the tree is our Gingko, minus all the leaves!

Blessings!! Life is good and God is great! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.