Tree People

I’m calling it a night. I spent quite awhile on this and it’s not what I imagined, but it’s getting closer. I took the photo of the tree in Griffith Park, and once I got home and looked at it I had to do a double take because the limbs looked liked legs to me.

That being said, I started disassembling my grandson tonight. 😉

He’s supposed to be a tree person. I added the shoes to try and make that more obvious. Anyway, I’m still finding that what I produce looks nothing like what I saw in my head- but I keep learning, and keep trying. I’ll get there.

On another note, my youngest son turns 30 tomorrow. Sheesh. I showed him my image and he said that my grandson looks sinister. I guess he does kind of have that expression!

Below is another simpler version. It was much easier, but too plain. I think. I don’t know.

I’m not going to do these crazy project for awhile. My back is killing me! The weather has been weird so I haven’t been out to do much of anything. Hoping tomorrow is sunny.

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone. Peace and love.