Desert Nights

A little Phoenix sky… with a touch of moon magic.

I just had a little conversation with my son about this. He says the moon is not supposed to look fake, that I should blend it to look real. I don’t agree. I think that it’s supposed to look unreal, so that it takes the image – or the person viewing it- to somewhere imaginary. Isn’t that the point? If I want it to look real, I will leave the image “as shot”. Right? I don’t know. Two opposing artistic views I guess.

The only real reason I added the moon was because the sky looked bare. And I wanted something to do. I’m learning more about masking now. So much to discover!!

Anyway, this is real Phoenix sky… I took it while out hiking one day when I lived out there. The colors are real, but made more vibrant. Arizona has beautiful sunsets.

That’s about all for now.

Peace and Love.