Stand Tall

“Say it as it is. No need to hide the truth, to deny the painful journey made nor to dwell in the experience. But move on in you life. Share with others. Being open is the only way, honesty being the best policy. Be frank. Be sincere to yourself. Use your hardship to navigate others through theirs. Grow strong from vulnerability. Stand tall and feel proud.” -Author unknown

I left the house today thinking… try to capture an image today that is something you would actually purchase… or consider hanging on your own wall.

Of course, I forgot that thought completely when I was out and about! Ha! I really need to write things down. 😉  Nevertheless, I think I am happy with this one. I have always preferred black and whites, but can’t seem to pull myself away from crazy colors and effects- so this was a nice, unexpected change. Simple and straightforward.

I had a great little walk and was able to take quite a few interesting photos. I’ll be back later to share more. Meeting tonight at 7 so I’ll be getting in some much needed socializing as well.

As a side note… I thought of many fellow bloggers when I found the above quote about honesty, sharing stories of your ups and downs, being brave… and standing tall.

Love you guys!

♥♥♥Peace and Love♥♥♥