Student Driver

Well, it’s almost street photography.

I was pretty pleased yesterday when I found myself at a local park that was almost completely abandoned. Not a single car in the lot! I know… it’s more isolation… but I’m still reluctant to bring my camera out in the middle of a crowd.

Just as I was walking to one of the dirt lots, that overlooks the valley, these two pulled up- so I snuck some snaps.

I was looking through my many books a couple days ago, and there was one that I was able to use; giving the entire image a motion blur, and masking the front half of the vehicle to allow it to remain without the blur. And it worked! I wanted to give it even more motion- but it gave me that seasick kind of feeling when I looked at it… so I toned it down.

Anyway, that’s all for now. It’s been a weird day and my brain is quiet… so I’m letting it stay that way. No thinking… other than my projects.

Peace and Love.