Directions: Remove Label

“Imagine all of the beauty that lies beneath those distracting labels.”

Yes, it’s my first quote! Has it been said before?? More than likely, but I didn’t check. I’m taking my chances.

Obviously I haven’t left the house yet. The boys are coming in less than an hour so I’m sticking around until they get here.

I somewhat accidentally created this (leaves over a can) image last night and I’m stuck on it. I think it has a little industrial flair to it. I don’t know. I like it. I added the smoke look at the sides and thought it looked like a can of beans, smoking over a campfire. 🙂

I was hesitating on whether or not to even use it for anything and got to thinking about labels, so it seemed to make total sense. In our church/recovery class on Monday night the pastor talked about judgement, and how you must remain objective when you help other people in recovery. No one is qualified to judge, or decide what another person needs for that matter, we are only to serve. In other words… “Remove Label Before Serving.”

Hopefully the images will begin to look more and more professional as time goes on, and I learn new things.

Anyway, fifteen more minutes now… and they will be here. I’m seriously thinking of hot fudge sundaes today. 🙂

Peace and Love!!!

…6 more days…