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Singing the Blues

“When I don’t have red, I use blue.” – Pablo Picasso

That seems like an odd quote to have a stake in, but hey… it works.

I have to say that I’m always giggling when I go googling for quotes. Sometimes I think… who started this “quote” thing anyway?! What happens if I say something really original, and later find out it’s already been said? Can I be sued?? Do I have to retract it? Is there a database, similar to the fictitious business name directory, where I can see if my sentence is taken?! Can I purchase one?? 😉

All kidding aside… I think I need to start my own quotes. Maybe I’ll incorporate that with the new mystery background series. Original quotes and mystery images. I like that.

That’s all for now.

Peace and Love!


  1. I’ve seen quotes assigned to people I know were not the first to say them or write them down.
    I suppose if you put anything in quotation who’s to say. you did say or write it after all.
    I always go by the idea that there is no original thinking and that “I study the classics and formulate my own style” lol like the first part of my What if post, Mitch Teemley asked me if it was a quote…I said it was divinely inspired so I give the glory to the source

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    • Yeah. I think if it comes out of your head originally it is in fact your own… or divinely inspired- but if you actually google quotes, as I sometimes do… of course I site the source. And then last night or this morning I ran across exactly what you said… a quote listed under Picasso and finally read that it was really Van Gogh. After all of that, I decided to just forget it lol. I’ll have to check your What If post. I don’t even remember what it started with….

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    • Haha!! I saw this earlier this morning before my coffee and thought it was a type-o. Now I get it! 😄


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