The General Store

This image is total proof of my indecisiveness. I’m going to post the entire transition, just for the heck of it.

I started with a photo of an old General Store, that I took in Leadville, Colorado where I lived for two years. This image is actually a pretty accurate expression of what I felt like, while I lived there: Old and Lonely.

Hence the reason I lasted only two years. 😉

And the background layer is some painted metal. 

I tried out all kinds of blends and ended up with the color version:

Then I thought it was TOO much, so I converted it to black and white:

So… I actually liked the black and white better- but after going through all the time and trouble to get the colored version, I was going to post both- and that’s when I decided to make one more version- with both color and black and white.

I guess it’s good that I get this experience while I have the time, because I know that inevitably my days aren’t going to be quite so “free”.

Anyway… that’s about it. Tonight is my meeting so I’m shutting down shop for now. 😉

Love you guys! I’m about to do some reading to see what’s up out there with y’all.

Peace and Love.

5 thoughts on “The General Store

  1. Blessings for your meeting! I like them both for different reasons….the authenticity of the b/ w while the color image has some very interesting effects as the colors meet. Also, seems like some color not usually seen which draws you or in this case me, into the image. Well done!

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