The General Store

This image is total proof of my indecisiveness. I’m going to post the entire transition, just for the heck of it.

I started with a photo of an old General Store, that I took in Leadville, Colorado where I lived for two years. This image is actually a pretty accurate expression of what I felt like, while I lived there: Old and Lonely.

Hence the reason I lasted only two years. 😉

And the background layer is some painted metal. 

I tried out all kinds of blends and ended up with the color version:

Then I thought it was TOO much, so I converted it to black and white:

So… I actually liked the black and white better- but after going through all the time and trouble to get the colored version, I was going to post both- and that’s when I decided to make one more version- with both color and black and white.

I guess it’s good that I get this experience while I have the time, because I know that inevitably my days aren’t going to be quite so “free”.

Anyway… that’s about it. Tonight is my meeting so I’m shutting down shop for now. 😉

Love you guys! I’m about to do some reading to see what’s up out there with y’all.

Peace and Love.