The Blues

“A day without sunshine is like… you know… Night.” -Steve Martin

Today was actually semi-sunny here, I just found that quote under the category “blue days” and thought it was hilarious. I’m still thinking about making up my own quotes, but so far I just don’t have the energy. I know that sounds terrible- but it’s the truth. 

Things are going really, REALLY good. It’s great to be back in more meetings, and my study on the word TRUST started out with a beautiful bang. God is definitely taking me through it! I don’t want to share much until I get further down the road. I have an entire year to work on this project, so I want to wait until I collect at least a couple weeks worth of info before I put a post together.

I CAN tell you that I found out on day one that I DEFINITELY chose the right word!

Anyway, although I LOVE sharing things, I’ve decided that sometimes I need to hold back and keep my thoughts to myself… at least until I have something really solid to say. I’m trying to limit my words, remember?!? 😉

I guess you could say that I’m now striving for quality vs. quantity.

That’s about all for today. Love you ALL…

Blessings, Peace and Love!

*The image is the same plant in my post Stand Tall. I’m not sure what kind of plant it is… some kind of flowering succulent. Anyway, I just played with it to give it some crazy color because this particular shot was very boring. 🙂