Food For Thought

Let the Lunatics Out of the Attic

Hmm… Well… this image isn’t exactly what I planned to do for this particular post, but I think it still goes with the topic. In a weird way. 😉

I don’t seem to have the patience to spend much time on images lately. Everything I’ve been reading lately is so GREAT, that you hardly find me without a book (or Kindle) in my hand. 

First of all, I was asked to do a panel Saturday night. The night before Easter. I was pretty confused about what he meant when he asked me to do it, because he mentioned that it was at an A.A. meeting. Normally the panels are held at Hospitals or Institutions.

When I got there and saw my friend behind a podium (with a microphone!)… I almost lost my cookies. And yes… that is what I had to do. Share my story in front of a fairly large group from behind that podium. That’s a FIRST for me, for sure! I’m actually adding it to the 55 things to do, during my 55th year of life, that I’ve never done before list!

Anyway… it went fine. Room for improvement, but still… not bad. One good thing about “telling your story” is that you really can’t mess it up, because it IS your story! It never changes! 😉

The delivery of the story is what I hope to work on… but overall, I think it went well. Which leads me to the point of my post…

My inner critic.

I read one of the coolest things in one of the books I read on introverts. Visualizing your inner critic. I’m sharing it with you because there must be someone else out there who could benefit from it. That’s my guess anyway.

So, the inner critic starts out looking like a big ogre. A large, mean and very grumpy looking character. He looks a bit like a judge. He is wearing a robe, a frown and he’s holding a gavel.

Why he’s a HE I don’t know… you tell me. 😉  (that’s supposed to be humorous)

He says things like “you can’t do that!”, “you’re not doing enough!”, “you don’t know enough!”, or “now why did you go and say THAT?! You sounded like a nut!”

Sound familiar?

Anyway… this guy just got an overhaul. We changed his look, AND his demeanor. Now he’s a cool looking dude with a hat, flip flops, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. And he only says encouraging things. “Nice job!”, “You’re doing great!”, “Don’t worry… you are right where you need to be!”… or “wow, great progress you’re making!”

So… that’s what I’ve been practicing, and I can tell you it’s made a huge difference. 🙂

And what’s funny is that I don’t have to do it much. Just knowing that this new guy rolled into town seems to be enough to keep that old grouchy condemning judge at bay. He’s learning that he’s no longer in charge, and that he’s not allowed to spill out his negativity.

Hopefully this makes sense. I just had to laugh when I re-read it because in view of the “let the lunatics out of the attic” thought- I wonder if my post makes it sound as though they are loose in my head… running wild! 😉

Well… they’re not.

Anyway… I’ve been looking forward to sharing this because it really IS very helpful.

That’s about all for now.

Have a fabulous evening, morning or afternoon!! Or as my new inner critic would say…

“…don’t worry… be happy. And stay cool man.”