In Living Color

Color is a power which directly influences the soul. -Wassily Kandinsky

I edited more images from the weekend hike and I can’t exactly explain how I ended up with this. 🙂 All I can say is that it started out as a photo I shot from the trail.

I’ve been super excited about something, and have been trying not to talk about it. BUT… I am not so good at keeping things to myself, and it’s been driving me crazy!

So, I think this piece displays a burst of excitement, because I am bursting at the seams!

Needless to say… I decided to let the cat out of the bag.

I am going to school!

I’m officially enrolled in junior college and ready for the fall semester (studying Graphic Design)! Now I am (patiently) waiting for July… when I can register for my classes.

It’s like the most amazing thing, especially at this time in my life, and I could NOT be more excited, or grateful, for the opportunity.

That’s about all for now! Updates will follow as things progress.

Blessings, Peace and Love Everyone. ♥♥♥

Life is good, and God is GREAT!

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