Dream BIG

First of all… I will start by sharing the humorous part of my experimentation today.

I showed my mom this piece that I created and she asked me “What’s that supposed to represent?”

Ha! “Well… ummm… it represents what I learned how to do today on Illustrator!

Too funny.

I am over the top excited about everything. A week from tomorrow my writing class starts, and I actually hit the full speed ahead button (just a tad) and registered for one summer (online) class with the college. I am SO grateful that I now have this opportunity to go back to school… and do things right this time. It’s like beyond amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share today’s work. All of it was created on Illustrator.

I made the silhouette of my grandson, and then practiced what I learned about the blend tool, mesh tool, and curved lines. I like the dizzying lines. 😉

That’s about all for now. Have a beautiful evening, morning or afternoon.

Life is good, and God is GREAT!


  1. Very cool and modern art-ish ! Also reminds me of that test that challenges people to say what they see! It starts with an R. Congratulations on your plans as you continue your walk of faith! Ps; I re-opened my blog. Wander by even though it is under construction. I miss my friends!

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