Pieces of Peace

Well, like it or not this was a blast to create.

My summer school final is next week, and then I’ll be out taking more photographs. In the meantime, I wanted to add something to my series- even though I don’t have any good reflections, doorways or windows. So… I improvised.

Anyway, as the title says… it’s pieces of peace… with even more peace on the “other” side.

I like the idea behind it, and am somewhat happy with how it came out, so I’m hoping I can perfect this technique on some other images. Things may get interesting!

Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity. –Saul Bass

(I wanted to share a Saul Bass quote because I just learned about him in my graphic design class)  🙂

Have a great evening, morning or afternoon everyone…

Peace and Love!!