Bound for Glory

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries. –Corita Kent

Well this turned out to be kind of exciting! I shared this image before, with a much different look to it, on Electrifying Energy.

I went to check out the prior version of the image, and saw that I had used this Corita Kent quote on the post. I’ll be honest here and say that I had no idea who Corita was at the time.

For anyone who doesn’t know of her, she was also known as Sister Mary Corita Kent, and was another graphic designer (and nun!) that I just learned about in my class this week! She spread spiritual teachings through her artwork… so I must admit that I am quite interested in her work.

Artwork by Corita Kent

Eventually I hope to share art that speaks to people, as hers did, but for now I am still in learning mode- with a year or so of college to go. Hey, you have to start somewhere!

This morning our pastor was talking about the fact that you need to have a vision, and I thought about my vision of the future- as a graphic designer. When I saw the Corita Kent quote I almost fainted. 😉 I was just thinking a few days ago that her work is something I should study, and get inspiration from.

Anyway, I ended up playing around with this train interior today. I was aiming for black and white, but once again decided that I couldn’t part with a little color. I kind of like the golden metal look, and the dark shadows.

I guess just by looking at it you might not get where the Bound for Glory theme comes from, but in hearing the story- it makes perfect sense.

That’s all for now. Happy Sunday!! Life is good and God is great!

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