Leafless trees,

A winter’s freeze,

The sky is painted gray.

Starry nights,

And twinkling lights,

The perfect holiday.

Inspired by Word of the Day Challenge: Holiday

It’s very quiet at our house right now. We celebrated Christmas last night, this morning was coffee & clean-up, and this evening has been nothing but rest and relaxation. OH, and lots and LOTS of leftovers. I’m actually a little uncomfortable at the moment from too much nibbling.

I wanted to see if I could do a collage, or something that incorporated two or more images, to sort of end “the year’s images.” In keeping with the black & white theme, I decided to go with night owl and street portrait.

It seems like a funky and somewhat interesting winter scene, a nice little fit for “Holiday.” I don’t know… maybe it’s a little weird, but it’s definitely different.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has had a beautiful Christmas, and is looking forward to the upcoming new year—a new beginning to a brand new chapter.

Peace & Love!

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