Over at Harry’s Beach Bar,

The music plays all night.

My date and I stopped in there,

To have a quick little bite.

Regrettably I’d told a tale,

About my rock star vocals,

How shocked I was,

To read the sign:

Karaoke TONIGHT for Locals!

No doubt, I was in a pickle,

For my singing he’d abhor,

So I excused myself…

To the ladies room,

And left through the back door.

This was a fun prompt, and a great time to share another image from my trip. This late night photo was sort of messy, so I doctored it up and added ‘shooting stars’ to give it new life.

The funniest part is that I think they actually DID have Karaoke going on when we went by. Needless to say, we didn’t go inside… we were busy walking around and taking photographs.

Three Things Challenge: Rock Star, Beach, Pickle

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