Rain taps the window,

Inviting us out to play,

Childlike dreams return,

Cares melt away in each drop,

Balance is being restored.


Written for Your Daily Word Prompt: Inviting, and RDP Tuesday: Balance

Rain is like macaroni & cheese to me; it’s my “comfort weather.” The fire goes on, blankets get piled high, and I have an excuse to stay in bed with a good book (guilt free!). A day like that is a great way to restore balance.

It hasn’t rained today, but it’s supposed to start by Thursday (at least that’s what they say). Hopefully it will be over by Tuesday, because school starts (YAY!), and rain isn’t quite as much fun when you have to drive in it.

Speaking of school… I wanted to mention some exciting news about that. After working as an unpaid graphic design intern for two semesters, I’m going to be official this semester… and actually get paid for my work!

I was super excited to share this development because I thought about the Bruce Lee quote that I shared recently:

A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.

Bruce Lee

I have some pretty big dreams and plenty of goals. It’s so cool that in aiming for them… I gained a part time job… doing something that I love!

That’s about all for now,
Life is good and God is great!


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