I’m taking a much needed break from my studies this evening. Just horsing around I guess! There are 6 more weeks in the semester, and I’m SO looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

The photography class I’m taking right now does NOT permit the use of any image altering software, so this Photoshop fiend is going bonkers. I figured, at the very least, I’d do a black and white this evening to let off some steam.

During an attempt to do some street photography, I stumbled on this horse. I thought it was an interesting subject, and he was not what I had expected to find out there on the streets. I did an unusual camera angle for the sake of class experimentation (yes, I did that on purpose). This course is forcing me out of my comfort zone… and it’s scary out here! 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to check in, say hello, and send some love. I miss everyone, and I’ll be checking up on you shortly.

Peace & Love!

9 thoughts on “Horsing Around

  1. Missing my horses- we had two small draft horses, Halflingers, and one half Arab half Morgan, a Morab. Sold them all when my husband got cancer and died last February. I am physically compromised so I wasn’t interacting as much with them as I used to, but just the sheer horsiness of those particular mammals – the smell of their hay breath, the large liquid eyes, their intelligence, their spunkiness- of course I miss my husband hitching Ben and Shane up to the wagon, and driving us around on the back roads- Or Lucas’s quick Amish- trained trot sitting in a cart :nothing like it to see the world up close and personal. Thanks for the photo and congrats on your sobriety.

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