On the Edge

I think the definition of artist is a bit enigmatic. I’ve never called myself an artist. I’ve said things like “this is some art I created,” or “I love to create art,” but that’s as far as it goes. I think the first explanation that pops into my head is the fact that I don’t use pencils, pens, or even brushes (although that may change after the new semester).

I’ve thought about this for a while now. I’ve seen other bloggers label their work contemporary art, modern art, fine-art photography, and so forth… so I started thinking that maybe I needed a name for what I do. Maybe then I’d feel comfortable saying “I am an artist.”

I looked into the different types of art, but then decided I’m too all over the place to have a specific niche like that. So, I thought some more. There are certificates you can acquire at my college, and I thought maybe a certificate would give me the validation I was looking for, or some kind of ‘authorization’ to say “I am an artist.” Or maybe it takes a degree!?

The bottom line is that I was sure there were steps I needed take, or some sort of passage that I had to pass through. Maybe it comes after you sell one of your creations, I thought. So… I stopped thinking about it.

Recently I read an article by Christian Mihai, “How Belief Influences your Life,” and it was an awesome read. I loved what he said in his post. I hit the like button, made a brief comment, and then I went back to what I was doing. Hours later, this massive light bulb went on and I thought to myself: That’s it! That’s the passage I have to pass through…

I need to believe!

Considering where I’ve come from, you would think I knew this already. Anyway, today I pulled up Miriam-Webster’s definition and I’m pretty pleased with it: One who professes and practices an imaginative art. All you need to do is profess it, and practice it?? Well, I’ll be.

My name is Janet, and I am an artist.

The image I’ve featured is an extreme experiment. It’s out of my norm—and that makes me nervous. I figured as long as I’m doing something that makes me feel uncomfortable, I might as well go all the way. And trust me, that was harder than saying I’m a recovering alcoholic! 🙂

Keep on keeping on. Life is good, and God is great!

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt: Enigmatic