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the little things

I love…

  • morning coffee
  • to tinker; a little bit of this and a little bit of that
  • thunder and lightning, especially when I’m enjoying coffee and tinkering
  • the sound of rain on a tin roof
  • rainbows and butterflies
  • the way my body feels after doing something strenuous (rare, but happens)
  • swimming in cool waters
  • when the sky explodes into colors (missing Colorado)
  • road trips—I’ll get out there again, eventually
  • walking on sand
  • the ocean

Weekend Writing Prompt: Tinker (in 75 words) & RDP Saturday: Eventually

I could go on and on, so I’m glad I used the 75 word prompt! I saw another blogger do this things that I love, and thought it was a great idea. It really was a wonderful exercise in gratitude. I felt so refreshed after thinking about the things that I love. And these are just the little things!

I’m recycling an old image here. It’s from way back in the archives; a shot in the backyard after it rained. Those are tiny droplets, and I love them so!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day…


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      • yes – and I have learned over the years that “less can be more” with blog posts – I resisted this idea and stubbornly just made me long posts to then find out people (myself included) are in a blog mode when they skim posts and so less really is most effective – and I got away from those “longgggg” posts of mine – ahhh
        two to be continued can be ideal

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