Finding my Muse in Brussels

Brussels Sprouts Art

Sprouts that is.

Actually… I had no idea WHAT this plant was when I decided to use it in my Garden Art. This may be one of the last pieces in that series, too. For now anyway. I started working at two (very small) part time jobs, so when you add that to school, things are starting to get hectic.

I’m taking a couple of online classes at the community college until I start playing with “the big kids” at the University in May. Don’t think I’m a cheater, but one of the online classes I’m in right now is an intro to WordPress. I better ace that class or I quit! Not really.

What I’m hoping is that I’ll learn some new secrets that they’ve been hiding from me. You know… cool things they hide in the settings panel; stuff like that. Hey, you never know!

Back to the plant… I knew this plant looked like a GIANT cabbage or something, but I was pretty stoked to learn it’s Brussels sprouts. Apparently the sprouts grow on stalks beneath all of these gnarly leaves. I’ll let you know how they taste if I ever get to eat one.

Anyway, I tried to make it “dreamy” because it reminds me of a rose that is starting to bloom—which seems to be some weird ongoing theme here lately. 😉

And muse is such a great word. I guess ALL of the plants in the backyard are my muses. Anything is my muse. I just need to close my eyes.

“Fool,” said my muse to me. “Look in thy heart and write.”

Philip Sidney

Word of the Day Challenge: Muse

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  1. Met your muse in Brussels…sprouts, lol! So interesting they are teaching a class on WP. They should give your extra credit since you are already using it. Let us know if you learn any secrets – I won’t tell anyone. 😊

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