Light and Shadows

Everything looks so different when the light starts to shine.

I had planned to continue with last night’s journaling, but everything looks so different today.

About a month ago I had one of those female appointments (the one’s we all dread) and today I was called back for ‘further’ examination. I’m sure it’s nothing, but it really shined some light on my thoughts about feeling like a fraud. Kind of like…

“Hey, who gives a damn!? At least you’re still breathing!”

Sometimes a good swift kick in the butt changes everything. I don’t feel like a fraud now, that’s for sure. 😉

Anyway… this image was fun for me because I love light and shadows. And the rich green leaves remind me of a tropical getaway. Now all I need is a Cabana Boy. Did I just say that?! Ha… Just kidding!

That’s about all for now. Peace & Love Everyone!