The Exhibit

Abstract Art Exhibit

Let the fire inside you burn.

I’m having a fun time with this new series. The possibilities are endless, and I think of new things every day. I’ve recycled some older pieces for today’s Everything Red. The red abstract is from many moons ago, and the shadowy aesthete is my youngest son—posing in a photo I took over a decade ago, at an art museum.

I had the idea last night, and it got me thinking about all of the other ideas that I have… stashed away in the back of my mind for future use. It began with a dream of a second hand store. Not just to sell used items… but to recycle, upcycle, renew and reuse.

The dream isn’t dead, it’s just morphed in time, and it goes hand in hand with the creative center I hope to open… for people in recovery. A part of that hope is to have a gallery for public exhibits. That being said… this image represents little slices of each of my dreams.

The idea that the center would be open for people in recovery has been transformed as well, from recovering alcoholics and addicts… to anyone who is starting over. Because when you think about it, we’re all recovering from something.

Facing and overcoming our demons, and changing our habits, patterns, mindsets, and lifestyles, well… that’s like starting a brand new life. It’s something to celebrate, something to shout about…

“Out with the old, In with the new!

The color red represents strength, power, and determination. When I think about my dreams, I KNOW that I have enough determination to see them through. I’m stubborn like that. And my strength comes from the same power that changed my life nearly four years ago (one week shy today!)—a power much greater than myself.

And with Him… all things are possible!

Thanks for reading… I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Red! Life is good, sobriety is awesome, and God is great!

Every moment is a fresh beginning.

T.S. Eliot