Road Rage


I’m at the end of Day 3 and I’ve had an enlightening afternoon. I thought I’d write down a few tidbits before bed.

I’ve been hyper focused on food—and the fact that I want to eat healthy—but all that focus really does is make me want to eat. Next week part of my plan will be to find new activities, things to keep my mind occupied and get me outside away from the computer.

I thought I’d try out a healthy recipe (more food), so I ventured out to Sprouts. What I learned there is that eating healthy costs (at least) twice as much as it does to eat junk. And by the time I got done I was too hungry to cook—I needed food fast. I think it’s a blood sugar thing.

It’s still all mental work right now. I ate really good most of the day, and then I cheated a little. Note to self: Hide the peanut butter cookies! (She’ll never listen). Anyway, tomorrow is a new day.

I thought I’d create a little visual humor tonight. Off in the distance I see the me I want to be… jogging to Chariots of Fire in slow motion. But my dream is rudely interrupted as I (accidentally) knock down the clerk at Sprouts… while I’m dashing to the peanut butter cookie aisle. Ha! 😉

That’s all for now. Peace & Love…
Tomorrow is a brand new day, a fresh start!