Land of Make Believe

I wanted to stay up and do something before bed. I am NOT adjusting to the time change at all, and I am not a fan of staring at the ceiling until God knows what time. So, I thought I’d try something more constructive.

Earlier this evening I had dinner with a couple of friends. I put the food police on mute. We celebrated my four years of sobriety, and a very dear friend’s belated birthday. There was sushi, and dumplings, soup, salad, honey walnut shrimp… oh man… it seemed like a bottomless buffet. It was so good. Then we headed down the street for dessert!

Honestly, I have no shame. It felt good to eat a meal and literally SAVOR every bite. I kid you not. Maybe cutting down isn’t all about suffering. Maybe it helps you appreciate things more when you do splurge. When enjoyed in moderation, some foods are… well… heavenly.

Anyway, I recycled an old image—trying to create something fantasy-like. When I thought of make believe, I thought of my step counter. So far I’m only reaching half of my goal. I’m not mad at myself though. I just wish I had been wiser about setting my goal. So… I decided that this first week of stepping is my “test run,” to get a sense of what the average is. THEN I’ll set my goal. Plus it’s been stormy here all week… kind of raining on my parade.

Then, thinking of fantasy made me think of the virus. You know which one I’m talking about. It feels like the twilight zone around here. First I think the world is WAY over-reacting, and then I wonder if I’m one of those birds with my head in the sand, refusing to accept that this oddity is going on. I mean, I am kind of out-numbered here. I don’t know. Regardless, everything is closing up, shutting down… coming to a slow halt. The restaurant wasn’t that busy but the super markets are all packed.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I think the sleepy bug has crept in. For anyone out there who has been negatively affected by this thing (minus the bathroom tissue dilemma), you’re in my prayers tonight.

God bless. Stay safe and remember to wash those hands.

Oh, and apparently drinking lots of water (no ice) helps keep the germs at bay.