As the Crow flies

Dignified hunter,

The dark ruler of the sky,

Wings spread, you’ll fly… high.

I captured this crow in our neighbors tree the other day and decided he was worth the (computer) time and struggle. He was all alone—practicing social distancing I suppose—and we connected for a minute or two before he lifted his wings for this farewell pose and sailed off.

Life is good and God is great!

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  1. Oh WOW–love the photo, and your words. Surely God is indeed Great! Update on the step counter… I realized immediately on opening the tiny box, that everything about it would be tiny and difficult. I have cataracts, so…the instructions required a magnifying glass to read–and they were very poorly written (it came from China). I found it impossible to set it–and I didn’t want to pay to return it. So my quandary was whether to give up the whole goal–or choose a different one, twice the price. You’ll be pleased to know I’m pretty stubborn, don’t give up easily in this latter season of my life–I set aside the tiny impossible item, ordered another one which will arrive Saturday I think. Stay tuned! And thanks for your continued encouragement and inspiration!! πŸ™‚ ❀ Blessings to you!!

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