Painted boarder

Not an Island

I am not an island,

That is what I have been told.

But I am alone when at sea, it seems, 

Paddling out in the cold.

I am not an island,

Isolation takes its toll.

But the fish and birds accompany me,

While the ocean feeds my soul.

Written for the Word of the Day Challenge: Island. The accompanying image is a photograph I shot at Malibu beach a few months back.

Note: We all do what we can to stay busy during these long days of social isolation. Apparently swimming out in the ocean should not be one of them though, as a man was arrested on this very same beach for paddle boarding during the quarantine. Yikes!

9 thoughts on “Not an Island

  1. There are a LOT of arrests happening that are being criticized as over-reaching. Lots of suspicion, scams going on…negative events that are the spill-over of what’s already a bad situation–serious, potentially fatal disease. People, including law enforcement, just don’t know what to do. Your poem has a poignant feel. I hope you’re doing alright ❤ Faith and gratitude and humor are KEY.

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    1. I am fine thank you. Hope you are too. Yes I hear from all ends over here. Not enough being done vs. Its all WAY over done. I am really in the middle and fortunately healthy but tired of listening to people shout out their views. Let’s just all heal!


    2. That is a problem–everyone who has nothing to do but shout 🙂 My concern echoes what a former governor said, that a “police state” would be as dangerous as pandemic. We still have a Constitution–and the rights and freedoms must still be respected. Stepping away from the podium now 🙂 Blessings to you ❤

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    3. haha… blessings to you as well. For what it’s worth, you sounded great up on that podium. Sounds a little like me… we have to walk a very fine line as with so many other things in life!


    4. You are right, my dear–“fine line”; and as you said earlier, “let’s just all heal”. This is such a stressful time for most folks–and one of the commentators on Court TV (my guilty pleasure) mentioned that, in addition to masks and distancing/sheltering in place, we seriously need to guard our Mental Health. Lots of the bad-news stories reflect that people are fast reaching the end of their ropes…too much “unknown”, fear, confusion, money worries, family-time overload, and real or imagined virus “symptoms”. I feel so bad for those who are not “people of faith”. Okay–off to write poetry! 🙂 ❤

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