Stay in Your Own Square

Birds on a roof

I am easily amused. A cheap date, so to speak. It takes very little to keep me happy.

This morning I splurged and purchased a new program, for my “loaner” laptop, called Smart Photo Editor.

A blogger/photographer that I follow had mentioned it in an old post, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to buy it.

All I can say is I love it! I’m like a kid in a candy store right now. For a mere $30 I have enough entertainment to last me through a few months of quarantine—if need be. Let’s hope it’s not that long. It’s VERY easy to use (for anyone who’s interested in some “at home” entertainment). Of course, I’d rather be out walking… but it’s still raining outside.

Anyway, the featured image was my first project this morning. It’s a photo from my camping trip last year, and the birds appear to have one up on us when it comes to the rules of social distancing. 😉

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back very soon!