Inspiral Me

I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.

Well, I had a little fun today, and it made me feel like a kid again!

I had some big ideas for art projects that I wanted to do, on Adobe Illustrator, and I couldn’t seem to get it together. So… I found some of those printable coloring pages that you can download and print from the internet.

This page is actually called Inspiraled and it’s by Crayola. After recreating the pattern in Illustrator, using image trace, I spent a few hours coloring it in… digitally. I added an effect once I was done, and it looks a bit like a wet stained glass window.

I guess you could call it “Colors for a Rainy Day.”

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share. Maybe it will inspiral someone else. Ha-Ha! You never know! Next on my agenda is finishing my short story, Franky with a “Y.” I hope to be back with that soon!

In the meantime, be kind to your inner child!

When you have an ancient heart and childlike spirit you must feel deeply yet go lightly. The sea carries secrets yet still moves freely.

Victoria Erickson

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My name is Janet, and I'm located in southern California. My blog is rather eclectic, featuring art, photography, and a little poetry, as well as short pieces of fiction (now and then). I also share about my walk of faith, and my journey through recovery from alcoholism.

11 thoughts on “Inspiral Me

  1. Love it! I was just thinking today that maybe what’s been missing lately is some good old fashioned fun and play. Light and levity! I’m all for it!πŸ’•

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  2. Love the Victoria E quotation, and I always love your art! I may have asked this before, but are these programs you use costly, and do they require certain systems? I’d love to try something, but it would have to be Free πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Z! Yes they can be costly. I use Adobe programs with a student discount but the regular plans are monthly and kind of pricey. My student plan just went up to $30 a month. There are some cheap or free options but they aren’t that easy to use. I’ll think and maybe post a list. That is always good info to share. 😘❀


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