Stay Focused

First of all, as a little side note to my Confession series—I’ve been contemplating a reining in season for myself. When I started this blog in October, I was literally floating on a cloud of peace—focused on God. To be honest, sometimes I fear lately that I spend more time talking ABOUT God, than I […]

Make a Wish

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to do that perfectly. St. Frances de Sales This just happened today while we were walking to the park (my five year old grandson). He’s funny. After looking, he had a funny look on his face, and wanted to know why it was so dark. […]

Just Do It

Well, I’ve been thinking again. I’m seriously considering the idea of writing (and doing photography) professionally. I never HAVE pursued my dreams in life, except for my business. But that’s because I already knew HOW to do it, and it paid the bills. It was convenient. Plus I was confident that it would work—so I kind of […]