“Some people won’t look up to God until He puts them on their back.” That point really hits home for me. Agony, sickness and feelings of despair definitely put me on my back. It truly humbled me, and forced me to look up to God.

Whenever I quit drinking before, it was merely that. I quit “picking up the glass”. I would continue on…just as I had (but with a clear head). I strived harder, forging ahead faster, stronger, and more diligently than ever. I had something to prove.

I’m going to get REAL right now and tell you that when I started this blog, it was to share my new faith in God, the ups and downs of my journey into recovery (which began in January of last year), and the wonderful discoveries I’ve made along the way. It really IS a good story.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with my previous post when I hit “Publish” yesterday (this morning, I should say). It didn’t seem complete. I just wasn’t feeling it