Things aren’t exactly normal right now, And I’m afraid I’ve lost my bearings. So I will wait here, Be still, And know. Three Things Challenge: Normal, Exactly, Bearings Photo by me. A little seagull near the ocean, sitting tight and sitting pretty. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Our Beautiful Mind

It’s been a long time since I shared an update on my New Lifestyle, New Me project. I’ve been quiet about my progress. Why? Well… let’s just say that I’m beginning to understand why Adam and Eve hid from God after they tasted the forbidden fruit. They failed to stick to the plan. They broke […]

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CAUTION: To avoid injury, please remain at least 6 feet away from the cliff’s edge (and other people) before you pan in and shoot. This is another shot from my old hike to “the Hollywood Sign.” I was working on the “sketch” effect and wasn’t even sure what I’d do with the image, until I […]

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Love Wins


Long ago, in the hood,Way back in the day, The streets were all empty,And the city was gray. Anger was brewing,The rains, they poured down.No one would listen,To a positive sound. Without a warning, Light shone in the dark.Beauty was forming…In the sky. In an arc. Hearts began melting,As they all looked above.They found what they needed,In […]

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