Everything which originates from pure love is lit with the radiance of beauty.


Here we are, back for my series Life: From A to Z, and the letter “R” made me think of the word RADIANCE. And nothing is more radiant than love, a beautiful woman, and an amazing peony in full bloom. Believe it or not, I had never seen a peony before yesterday and—oh my God—they’re the most beautiful flowers that I’ve ever seen! Talk about intricate details.

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Aging ivory goddess, 

Edges decomposed, 

Perfect imperfections, 

Unguarded and exposed.

Vulnerable and brittle,

Beauty fades to rust,

Love remains eternal,

Body returns to dust.

I’m getting to that age. The age when you realize that your petals are falling. Ha! Or the structure is weakening. I’m not fretting over it though… I’m seriously embracing every single thing that I can these days. I’ve been meeting my best friend for lunch once a week, or every other week, and today was one of those unforgettable days. And even though it feels like we’re dining “post-apocalypse,” it’s my favorite thing to do right now.

I haven’t even looked at my short story. I’ve been doing school work, binge watching Longmire, and reading the new Bob Goff book, Dream Big. It’s pretty awesome and—as usual—I’m dreaming and scheming about the possibilities that lie ahead. I’ll get there. Eventually!

Anyway, I’ve had this photograph around for awhile, a few fallen camellias on our front porch. I knew there was a hidden meaning there—somewhere—and then when someone mentioned the word “imperfections” recently, it all came together. As it should.

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Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoyed!

Shelter in Place

Storm intermission,

Seductress teases through glass,

Fragile barricade.

Greetings everyone! My new PC is finally here, and I am back in action with Photoshop—and a few other new and exciting programs to get creative with. I’m feeling things out tonight, and I thought this somewhat serene image would go well with Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Break & Glass.

There’s a little double meaning in there, because I (like many of us) am torn at times; feeling like “things are getting better,” and then “things are getting worse.” It’s hard to decide, so I just take it day by day. And today was good!

That’s about all for now. I hope you’re all surviving, staying healthy, happy, and safe. God Bless!


Abstract Art


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

Word of the day challenge: Nature