A California Christmas

Well I’m taking a break from writing my Confessions story for awhile. At least until after Christmas. Don’t quote me though, because I’m known for changing my mind a lot!

I have discovered, however, that it’s good to keep reflecting and writing, because I’m growing and learning a little more each time that I do. I was just telling Gil yesterday that I’ve been more emotional lately. Sadness, joy, gratitude… all sorts of feelings.

Since I’ve poured so much of my life out, it seems like some real healing is taking place inside. It’s probably obvious by now (or maybe not) that I’m not giving a complete tell-all here. I mean, there are LOTS of things that I censor out of the blog. Especially when they involve other people—that I was married to perhaps? (Hint Hint).

I could write an entire book about those things, but there’s really no point. The stories themselves won’t help anyone, but some things I learned after the fact WILL… and I’ll talk about those later.

That’s about it for now. I’ve been anxious to post a festive photo and the décor here just isn’t very photogenic! So…I took a shot at an ornament on our front porch and made some art. It’s my way of saying—from my abode to yours—

Merry Christmas — California style!

I thought the art captured exactly what it feels like to be in my neck of the woods for the holidays. A little chilly, but sunny and blue!

Peace and Love everyone!

Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there who needs exactly what you have to give.