Red Solo Cup

Country songs, red solo cup—

Metaphors for simpler things.

Faded Glory, holding tight—

To the memories that they bring.

I wanted to try something creative tonight. I’ve had a couple of long days and it’s nice to take a pause, and stop (over) thinking. I took this photograph at a country music festival some time ago, using a cheap point and click, and I really like the frame. I’m always drawn to my poor quality images—it’s so fun to transform them!

I didn’t notice the red solo cup up there on the stage until I started playing around with the black and white effects, and I thought it was kind of cool; my funny little muse.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. I hope you’re all safe, healthy, and doing well…
Peace & Love!

Girl in Red

Country Fair

Country music is three chords and the truth.

Harlan Howard

Now that my garden art is dead and gone (the series, not the garden), it’s time to start something new. The journaling just isn’t working for me. It’s not really coming from my heart. I think maybe introspection—and writing about introspection—needs to be done offline.

Maybe some thoughts really ARE supposed to be private. I can’t say the things I need to say, or discover what I need to discover, when I know that other people are listening. Ha! Go figure. After thinking long and hard, I’ve decided that the next series is going to be…

Everything Red.

Photographs, writing, and who knows what. Anything and everything that is about, includes, or is inspired by the color red.

So… tonight I’m going with this Country Fair photograph.

I’m not sure if the girl in red was looking at me, or at someone behind me, but she doesn’t look too happy. Maybe she was seeing red?? Anyway, that’s about all for now. I hope you enjoyed the image and will come back soon for some more on red.

Peace & Love!

I’ve never hosted a challenge, and not sure I’m even set up for it, but if red inspires you to try something new… feel free to share it!