Lucid Dreams




I had one last image that I wanted to try before I take a break from illustrator. I’ll resume after Christmas with some new ideas. Hopefully.

I got interested in this stained glass window look because I made a piece for my best friend, who is also a hairdresser. The image I made for her is of Rapunzel, and her braided hair is flowing down from the balcony wrapped in flowers—and two butterflies are fluttering near her shoulder.

My friend’s sister died over ten years ago—when she was about to turn 40—and now whenever my friend sees butterflies she’s reminded of her. Hopefully this poster will make her salon feel magical. I just sent it off to the printer today, so fingers crossed it’s done before Christmas.

I would share it, but it’s a really large poster and I’m afraid the lines would be lost by the time the shrunken image reached a cellphone screen. Some things only work in person. I think tonight’s image works great for the Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. As soon as I saw the word MAD I knew where to go with it.

That’s about all for now. Have a wonderful day or evening everyone…

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Mad & Sane

Abstract Art Exhibit

The Exhibit

Let the fire inside you burn.

I’m having a fun time with this new series. The possibilities are endless, and I think of new things every day. I’ve recycled some older pieces for today’s Everything Red. The red abstract is from many moons ago, and the shadowy aesthete is my youngest son—posing in a photo I took over a decade ago, at an art museum.

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Wood-Abstract Art


Kicking a field goal?

A hip-hop dancer with a boombox?

A cat stuck in a tree and a bird coming to the rescue?

Dreamers of Dreams

D is for Dreams

Everyone knows what dreams are, but I wanted to find a more personal way to describe them. Not the dreams we have when we’re asleep; the dreams we dream when we’re awake. I poked around google and found exactly what I was searching for:

A synonym for dream is HOPE.

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Wishes Come True

A wish, like a dream

Is only the beginning

The challenge comes next

Prepare for the fight

Fear will say: “Impossible!”

You must not listen

Like “look, but don’t touch,”

Always leaves you wondering,

What did that feel like?

You will never know

What you are capable of

Until you have tried

So take a gamble,

Up the ante, raise the stakes

Make your wish come true

Written for Daily Addictions: Fight, RDP Friday: Prepare, Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Touch & Your Daily Word Prompt: Raise

Dreams in the Mist

I don’t know if anyone else ever falls into this trap, but I constantly find myself trying to turn my dreams—or the things I love—into some kind of product, as if they’re things I need to own. It’s like the person who loves to swim, who’ll never be satisfied until their backyard has a pool… or the occasional fisherman who believes he’ll find ultimate happiness ONLY after he buys a boat.

And you know what they say: “The happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day they buy a boat—and the day they sell the boat.”

Well, all of my hemming and hawing over my college major came to a wonderful close recently when I considered these analogies. I realized that I’ve been too fixated on the road… or the tangible outcomes (degrees)… and somewhere in the interim I lost sight of my dreams; the things I actually LOVE to do—just for the sake of doing them.

I made a decision to venture off the pathway this spring; I’ve enrolled in Creative Writing and Photography. I’m not changing my major—or adding a second major—and I really have no destination in sight.

For now I’m just going to listen to my heart, do what I love… and enjoy my dreams in the mist.


Nova’s Daily Random Word #39: Dream