Vintage Camellia

Intricate Details

I think the Everything Red series is fading. I haven’t run out of ideas, but I guess that anything we do needs to be done in moderation. That includes red images. Maybe I’ll come back to it when we’re well into spring, when bright colors dot the landscape. For now… I’ve seen enough red. ūüėČ

So… I thought the intricate petals on this flower would be a sweet submission for the Word of the Day Challenge: Details.

It’s actually a hot pink camellia, but it’s faded. Kind of like my Red series. I normally don’t care for camellias. They turn an ugly shade of brown and refuse to leave the bush, and then they litter the soil below. But… if you look at them very, very closely—they’re intricate and beautiful. Like all things in life, we have to look beyond our first inclination to notice beautiful surprises.

That’s about all for now. I’m trying to stay busy and keeping my mind occupied while my snacking habit adjusts this week. So far so good!

Peace & Love

Flor de pepino

Garden Art: Flor de pepino

I’m always nagging on myself to go visit exotic places and see new things. In rebellion (I don’t like being nagged), and contrary to my own advice, I decided that what I really need to do is be present and see the beauty that’s in front of me—right here, right now.

I’m going to work on a new series; Garden Art, and this is the first in the collection. It’s a cucumber flower in our backyard garden.

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This is my take on another photograph from my recent trip to the zoo. It was actually a moving light that shone on the concrete walkway to form what I believe is a rose, or some other type of flower.

I used a paint effect to accentuate the lines a little. It’s not one of my favorites, but I thought it went really well with the Word of the Day challenge, the word being kinky; as in “having kinks or twists.” Continue reading

Street Life

A¬†Grandson’s¬†Kisses are Like Tattoos on Your Heart.

This was a fun shot today. My grandson and I noticed the cute little flower dangling near the ground on our way to the donut shop.¬†He’s a pretty cooperative subject¬†if his face doesn’t have to be in the photo.

This was the first time I tried a color splash, so I was excited about that as well!

Morning Glory Surprise

This¬†colorful flowering vine belongs to our¬†neighbor, yet it sneaks into our¬†yard, back behind a shed where no one dares to go. I had to crawl through a creepy web to get a good view, but it was worth it—and I was looking for adventure. Too much coffee perhaps. Anyway,¬†I spruced it up and darkened the background to show off the colors—and then I did a Black & White for Rebecca.