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Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Well… I’m starting something new! I’m making my way back into A.A. meetings, and still very passionate about writing, photography and art- but I’m adding on to my activities. I need variety and more balance in my life. 

Stay Focused

First of all, as a little side note to my Confession series—I’ve been contemplating a reining in season for myself. When I started this blog in October, I was literally floating on a cloud of peace—focused on God. To be honest, sometimes I fear lately that I spend more time talking ABOUT God, than I do talking TO Him. I have a tendency to run VERY far ahead of Him, and I can almost envision myself tripping up. Not drinking, but that “free will run riot” thing. It is an absolute MUST for me to stop and listen to Him, and my eagerness and excitement about life these days can get in the way of that. Like Gil always says… my faith is very childlike… and I really DO feel like a child. And my Father needs to be in my sights… …or I am doomed. That being said, I had an epiphany while I was sitting outside, thinking about all of that. I was lost in thought and heard the old crow across the bridge. …