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Directionally Challenged

I need a little direction right now— First of all, I took this photograph yesterday while riding with my son. I noticed the yellow lines in the mirrors and the Which Way Photo Challenge instantly came to mind. I realize I’ve already used the “rear view mirror” idea, but I had to do it again because I really enjoy how the lines repeat, but they don’t line up. One of the things I love about word and photo challenges is that they provide you with a little direction. The blank canvas isn’t quite so “empty,” because you’ve been given a prompt to draw upon.

Gratitude Hour

Time can be a little deceptive. It’s been two months since the fall semester ended, and—to be honest—it feels like it’s been a year. I’m grateful for the “down time,” don’t get me wrong, but that old familiar feeling… that it’s time to get moving… has taken hold, and Tuesday can’t come soon enough. It’s kind of like long, out of town vacations. They’re awesome! They’re fun, relaxing, and refreshing, but eventually you reach that point where you just want to go home. So… Daily Addiction’s word today is Inspire, and I’ve been thinking about that word quite a bit (burning the midnight oil again). In my pondering, I realized that one of the reasons my life, and this blog, have morphed and grown so much over the past couple of years is because so many of you have inspired me. Undoubtedly, I’ll be online much less once my classes start… so it seems like the perfect time to express my gratitude for that inspiration. To all the photographers out there, thank you for sharing. …

Rise & Shine

I caught a bee in action this morning, in the crepe myrtle, so thought I would share! Hopefully you can spot him. ūüôā I looked up bee quotes, and really liked this one for today. The honey is sweet but the bee has a sting.¬† Various translations I found: If you want good things you have to pay the price; nothing ventured, nothing gained… or hardships are sometimes a blessing in disguise. Happy Saturday!

Having Enough

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. John Muir Sometimes I think or say something, and later I realize that it wasn’t 100% correct. I try to look at it like¬†there’s a lesson that I need to learn, or a new discovery that I can take away from it. I’ve mentioned before that it’s important for me to learn how to live sober, and that DOES (and probably always will)¬†hold true—however—there are other things that I need to DO, and I always¬†seem to put them at the bottom of my list! Giving. Being of service. Carrying the message. Thinking more of others. It’s not that I don’t have a huge desire to be selfless… I really¬†DO! It’s that my mind keeps returning to my old thought pattern—which goes something like: What do¬†you¬†have to offer? You’re not ready. You’re not well enough.¬†You don’t know enough yet.¬† I can go on and on, but you get my drift.¬†IF¬†I allow myself to listen to and believe¬†those thoughts…¬†I’ll NEVER be …

A Tale of Redemption

A few things happened today that really moved me, but¬†I’m only going to talk about one for now. Tonight was the meeting that I co-secretary for, and it turned out to be a pretty emotional meeting. There’s something that I’ve been wanting to talk about, but I was never sure if the time was right, or if bringing it up¬†was even the right thing to do.¬†Tonight I got the answer (and permission). I’ve mentioned before that I have three grandsons. A photo of my oldest grandson (who is eight)¬†is here in the blog, buried back in an old post. I have far fewer photos of him than I do of the other two, because I don’t see him that often. He lives with his mother and grandparents, and his father (my son) is now married and has the two younger boys. His mother is a recovering heroin/meth addict. I was in my four years sober without a program¬†phase when I met her over eight years ago, and she had just gotten clean at the time.¬†I …