In its Infancy

Plum Blossom

Stars and blossoming fruit trees: Utter permanence and extreme fragility give an equal sense of eternity. —Simone Weil What a beautiful quote. I thought it paired well with the plum tree blossoms. I saw them all over our baby tree this afternoon, when the sun was shining bright, and I just knew that I had […]

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Yin and Yang

The poetry of earth is never dead. On the Grasshopper and Cricket by John Keats After the vibrant colors in last night’s image, I woke up feeling rested and ready to tackle a black & white project. —The dark flower image was taken this morning. It’s a bloom from the geranium buds that I shared […]

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Coming Soon…

Flowers are the music of the ground From earth’s lips spoken without sound; Flowers are as music, silent, deep Oxlyps, marigolds, music men keep In pots and vases, beds and jars Music as though they were bundles of stars! Excerpt from Flowers, by Edwin Curran

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