Endless Rivers

of Hope

As the Crow flies

March 25, 2020

Dignified hunter,

The dark ruler of the sky,

Wings spread, you’ll fly… high.

I captured this crow in our neighbors tree the other day and decided he was worth the (computer) time and struggle. He was all alone—practicing social distancing I suppose—and we connected for a minute or two before he lifted his wings for this farewell pose and sailed off.

Life is good and God is great!

Trees on a mountain

First things first: I made it to 10,074 steps today… Yay! Second, it’s just weird out there. I took my mom to the store today and—after zigzagging through the aisles for what felt like hours—I realized that making “healthy food choices” will be MUCH harder than I anticipated. Why? Because there was NO food to …

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One for sorrow, two for bliss—Three for serpent’s mournful hiss. Four for treasure, five for tricks—Six for the rose that pulls and pricks. Seven in the garden, eight in the sea—Nine for the nine that watch from the tree. Nightmares are silver, dreams are gold—Ten for the wish in ignorance told. —Marcella Pixley, Without Tess …

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You are a melody,A soft pitter patter,A gentle good night,Causing dark thoughts to scatter.You are a symphony,A marching band’s cry,Snare drums & symbols,A parade marching by!A flash upon high,Bass drums echoing low,Earth praises your gift,Rivers once again flow.From foggy panes,I watch you perform,Our spirits connect,You are my perfect storm. —Endless Rivers— The “R” word was …

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